Juveniles Charged for Theft

corporate-misconductA 16 year old form 2 student of a Roseau secondary school has pleaded guilty to theft of jewelry valued at $7,400 from a man in the community of Massacre.

The juvenile, M.C who appeared before Magistrate Arley Gill on Thursday April 3rd 2014, had entered the man’s home after he had secured it and left for some time.

The man told police that when he returned he observed that one of his windows was forced open.

Upon investigating he discovered a gold chain, gold pendant and gold ring was missing.

He reported the matter to the Mahaut police station and on 31st March 2014 officers met M.C and informed him of a report that they were investigating which they believed he could assist them with.

After he was taken to the police station he admitted to the crime.

M.C told the officers he had given the pendant to one guy in exchange for a polo shirt and he had given the chain to another individual for 2 polo shirts and a cap.

The two individuals he implicated, Chenny Mc Dugal 21 and Kervin Joseph 18, were charged and pleaded guilty to handling stolen goods.

Sentencing has been adjourned to 27th May 2014.

A social inquiry report was ordered for all three defendants.

M.C was placed on $3000 bail while the two other defendants were each placed on a $2000 bond.

As part of their bail conditions they are to attend church service every Sunday until May 27th 2014 at a church of their choice.

They were also warned that when they return to court for sentencing they are required to present a report from their priest or pastor indicating that they had been attending service as so ordered.


Meanwhile that same 16 year old juvenile, M.C was jointly charged with another 16 year old high school dropout L.M for the offence of theft.

The charge stated that they stole a lap top, laptop bag, Samsung galaxy phone and flush drive from Christa Piere Louis of Massacre on 30th March 2014.

The stolen items were estimated at $2,359.50.

They each offered a guilty plea.

M.C was also charged with committing damage to a glass window and pleaded guilty.

On 1st April acting on information they received, officers from the police station went in search of M.C and informed him of their investigation.

They were both arrested on suspicion of theft and taken to the Mahaut police station.

The boys took the officers to where the items were hidden, however, the laptop was not recovered.

L.M told the court that he could not find the laptop where he had hid it but only one other person knew where it was since it was that person who suggested that he hide it there.

He was advised by magistrate Ali Gille to find the person who knew where that laptop was before he returned to court on May 27th 2014 for sentencing.

Both men were placed on bail and the bail condition is that they must attend church service every Sunday up until sentencing.

A social inquiry report was ordered for L.M as well and the magistrate ordered that he be placed in a skills training program.

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