KAIRI FM Launches 18th Anniversary and Survival Walk

Representative from Discover Authority, Ms. Lizz Cuffy

Thursday October 18th, marked the launching of the 18th anniversary for KAIRI FM. Today brought joy to them as a radio station, for the years they have provided quality service to their listeners.

Representative from the Ministry of Health Mrs. Alestina James, congratulated KAIRI FM for achieving 18 years of broadcasting.

Mrs. James says the Ministry of Health have been partnering with them from the beginning.

As part of KAIRI FM’S celebrations, they will be hosting a survival walk which will begin from Canefield to Portsmouth, under the theme “a greener Dominica for a healthier people.”

Mrs. James however chose to focus on the “healthier” aspect.

The National Bank of Dominica (NBD) donated $3500 towards KARII FM’s Survival Walk.

Marketing Representative Ms. Amanda Scotland mentioned that they have had over 40 staff members who participated in the previous walks.

NBD donates $3500 to KAIRI FM’s Survival Walk

Representative from Discover Authority Ms. Lizz Cuffy, stated that they are always passionate about such activities.

Member of the Environmental Coordinating Unit Mr. Bradley Guy, singled out the efforts of the Dominica’s scouts who he says made a great difference in helping people who were not able to continue.

Mr. Guy assures the public that this year will not be any different.

On behalf on the Cancer Association, Mrs. Vinna Royer shared her appreciation with KAIRI FM, who will be donating $5.00 from every registration to the Cancer Association.

As part of their contributions towards the independence season, Krazy Coconuts will be hosting “Creole in the Yard” every evening after creole in the park where a different band will perform.

Member of the Environmental Coordinating Unit, Mr. Bradley Guy

On Friday evening, Triple K will close the event with what is expected to be the highlight of “creole in the yard”.



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