Kalinago Council Member Appealing for Kalinagos to Breed within their Race

Councilor for Tourism in the Kalinago Territory, Mr. Prosper Paris

Councilor for Tourism in the Kalinago Territory, Mr. Prosper Paris, says if the Kalinagos continue to live half haphazardly and migrate and integrate themselves with people outside their race, it could mean that in the next 20 years what we know as the “Kalinagos” will be wiped out.

At the pace the Kalinagos are breeding with people outside of their race, there is no moderation and this could be detrimental to their survival.

He says  many of the Kalinagos are not thinking of the long term consequences of what they are doing which is a call for concern.

Mr. Paris says that a lot of the young men are to blame for this as they need to be more responsible, in other to take on the young Kalinago women so they can make them beautiful wives at home.

If the men themselves do not prepare to do so, they will continue to have this growing problem.

This is one of the reasons why Mr. Paris wants to host a Kalinago Reunion so they can intermingle and trace their family roots, so they will not reproduce with other family members that they did not know.

As compared to before where there was a literacy problem with the Kalinago peple, the Tourism Councillor says  right now there are a lot of Kalinagos attending Secondary Schools, Colleges and University and many are doing very well.

It is up to the parents to be very serious with their children’s education, so that they can be well disciplined and educated besides that of what is received at school.

  • Wishe Huron

    Mr. Prosper Paris is right about the “Kalinagos” will be wiped out, this is what happened to my people the huron-wendat indian. We might desapear soon..
    Huron-Wendat liev in Quebec City , Canada

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