Kalinago Teacher says “I was detained for seven days by Dr. Benjamin.”

Ms. Ruth-Ann Cyrille Prince

Ms. Ruth-Ann Cyrille Prince

A cancer patient who suffers from thyroid cancer says, she was detained on May 24th 2013 for seven days by, Consultant Psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Unit, Doctor Griffin Benjamin.

Ms. Ruth-Ann Cyrille Prince, a teacher at the Kalinago Territory stated, Doctor Benjamin detained her without her request for admission, or referral from any other medical practitioner or a Court order.

Ms. Prince explained that, Doctor Benjamin was adamant to keep her for two weeks, which he informed her and her lawyer on separate occasions.

Ms. Prince added, she told Doctor Benjamin that she is neither crazy nor paranoid.  He later informed her; however that she was crazy – recommended medication and requested that she revisit him in two weeks.

“I informed my colleagues, and children about Doctor Benjamin’s diagnosis that I am crazy and even my 16 year old daughter laughed, as thy found it ridiculous that, he could arrive at such a conclusion after 20 minutes, “Ms. Prince explained.

On another visit on May 24th, when she responded to a request of Doctor Benjamin to see her, she claims Doctor ddocBenjamin again told her that, she was crazy, suffers from obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and she is also bipolar.

“This was said to me in the presence of other doctors”, she indicated.

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Unit, Doctor Griffin Benjamin

Consultant Psychiatrist at the Psychiatric Unit, Doctor Griffin Benjamin

“I have read the ‘Mental Act Law,’ and I know based on what transpired, Doctor Benjamin was in breach of the Act when he incarcerated me at the Acute Physchiatric Unit (APU). After being advised by my lawyer, I exercised my constitutional rights and freedom of movement and walked out of the APU at the Princess Margaret Hospital.”

A letter written to Doctor Benjamin by attorney at law, Heather F. Felix claimed that, on May 24, 2013 Ms. Prince was admitted to the Psychiatric Unit in “total violation of the Mental Health Act Chapter 40:62 of the 1990 Revised Laws of Dominica.

When SAT-TV News spoke with Doctor Benjamin on the matter, he stated that he is bound by ethical duty not to reveal any information on the matter unless the Court subpoenas him to do so.

“Anything I discuss with a patient cannot be discussed in the public domain, which would jeopardize my profession.”

He added, he has been at this profession for a total of 19 years, so the country will decide which side they believe.


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