Kalinago Territory to Celebrate 111th Anniversary

photo-of-the-day14-642x856On July 4th 2014 Dominica’s Indigenous, Kalinago people will celebrate their 111th year of existence.

The celebration, administered under the theme: “Indigenous Communities Uniting Our Strengths To Build Our Culture”, will signify the life and preservation of the unique culture and traditions of Dominica’s first people.

During this time the Kalinago Territory in partnership with the people of Boriken, Puerto Rico will host several activities including cultural, economic, professional and educational exchanges between the two parties.

The indigenous peoples share the common challenges of cultural linguistic revitalization, indigenous identity and pride, nation building and governance over land and natural resources.

The Kalinago Indigenous Nation Developers (K.I.N.D) has therefore reunited the Kalinago Territory with its native brothers and sister of “Arawak & Carib” descent to unite in ethno historical and cultural revival.

A delegation comprising of representatives from the office of the Mayor in Humacao, Government officials from the Office of the Community and Indigenous Affairs and members of the Naguakebana Community are expected to visit Dominica.

The Officials will arrive on July 1st whilst the Naguakebana Indigenous Community arrives on July 2nd, following a historic event reenacting the legendary journey sailing from Puerto Rico to our island shores.

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