Kalinagos Contribution to Dominica and the Region


Historian and UWI graduate, Mr. Cozier Fredrick

Historian and UWI graduate, Mr. Cozier Fredrick, said that during Europe’s quest for overseas territory, Dominica had fallen victim to the European system.

At a public lecture held on Friday August 9th, hosted at the Kalinago Territory, Mr. Cozier Frederick addressed the panel, highlighting the contributions that the Kalinagos made not only to Dominica, but the region.

Mr. Frederick spoke of July 4th 1903, when the British Government established a portion of land, which is now called the Kalinago territory – most of it inaccessible.

According to Mr. Fredrick, the Kalinagos have helped to foster some form of allegiance to themselves as a unique people, and have pushed forward for sovereignty, mirrored by an Afro-Caribbean population.


Participants of the public lecture

He urged that we move away from the petty parties and politics and focus on generating a better economy via their talents.

The theme for world indigenous day was indigenous people building alliances, honouring treaties, agreements and other constructive arrangements.

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