Kanawa Construction in Kalinago Territory Complete

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Kanawa Construction in Kalinago Territory Complete

After months of hard work by residents of the Kalinago Territory, the members of the K’NAWA Association, has completed the construction of a 38 feet long, six feet wide kanawa.

Ms. Regina Joseph a member of the Association says, construction of the kanawa began in September 3rd 2012 with the selection of a gommier tree from the heights of Concord.

The Kalinago was assisted by the K’NAWA Association of Guadeloupe in felling the tree, and transporting the partially dug out tree from the forest to the Kalinago Territory.

The vessel was constructed for members of the Association to travel to Antigua in May 2013 where they will learn more about their unique culture.

Ms. Joseph noted the members will paddle throughout the trip with an estimated duration of one week.

When they leave Dominica they travel to the Saints, rest for one day, then Guadeloupe where they will rest for two to three days, before paddling to English Harbor in Antigua.

Ms. Joseph mentioned that the kanawa was built for the open ocean and should streamline through the waves with no difficulty.

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Kanawa Construction in Kalinago Territory Complete

She stated their ancestors travelled the Caribbean on similar vessels, and that this one is no different as they kept to tradition throughout its construction.

The objective of the Association is to foster cooperation between the islands utilizing the Caribbean Sea as the common link.

The kanawa is expected to be used in future kanawa crossings between Guadeloupe and Dominica.

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