Kayla Jean Jacques is Dominica’s Top Performer in Cape 2013

kayla Jean Jacques

Kayla Jean Jacques

Lead Institute student, Kayla Jean Jacques, is Dominica’s top performer in the CXC May/June 2013 Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE).

Ms. Jean Jacque, currently enrolled as a Humanities major in the CXC CAPE Associate Degree Programme at the Lead Institute, secured one grade 1, three grade 2s and a grade 3 in the five CAPE subjects taken in the exams.

She was awarded Grade 1 in Accounts Unit 1, Grade 2s in Caribbean studies, Communication Studies and Sociology Unit 1, and a Grade 3 in Economics Unit 1.

Ms. Jean Jacques stated, this was only possible through hard work and she is happy with her achievement.

In addition to distinguishing herself as the Island’s top performer at CAPE, Ms. Jean Jacques also became the first Dominican student to write five CAPE exams at one seating and exceled in all.

The 18 year old noted she felt it was a better opportunity for her to attend the Lead Institute, rather than the Dominica State College.

Ms. Jean Jacque stated, since her success at the examinations, she has been

“Anything you want you have to work hard for it and there is no reward in being lazy,” she explained.

Mr. David Vital, Director of the Lead Institute, in recognition of her scholastic achievements, presented Ms. Jean Jacques with a partial scholarship of $500.00, which will go towards tuition payments during her second year of studies.


Mr. David Vital, Director of the Lead Institute

He stated that, it is their hope that Ms. Jean Jacques’ success will inspire others, both prospective and continuing students, to aspire to excel in their academic pursuits.

Some thirty students from the Lead Institute wrote the CAPE exams achieving an overall pass rate of 70%.

Prospective students wishing to enroll at Lead Institute for the 2013/2014 academic year still have an opportunity to do so during the next two weeks.

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