Kenny Laurent Fined $600

court3.jpgKenny Laurent of Glasgow Fond Cole appeared before Magistrate Ossie Lewis on two charges.

He was charged with threatening his ex-girlfriend, Louise Africa by saying, “when I meet you by yourself I will kill you.”

He was also charged with beating Ms. Africa.

The incidents took place on January 7th.

The facts in the matter are that on Monday January 7th, Ms. Africa was at the Roseau Market when she noticed the defendant passing by. He came up to her and said, “Louise I want to talk to you.”

Louise responded, “I do not want to hear what you have to say.”

He then slapped her on both sides of her face and attempted to take her shoes.

She went to the Roseau Police Station and reported the offense.

The police found Mr. Laurent and asked him about the incident.

He responded, “Is prison she want to see me go. “Officer, why you charging me with threats?

Ms. Africa appeared in court and said that Mr. Laurent’s threats are serious and she is fearful when he is out on the streets.

Mr. Laurent was bonded to keep the peace between he and Ms. Africa in the sum of $1000 for a year, or 4 months in prison.

Africa also mentioned that Laurent was not paying any child support.

If Laurent is to pay any child support it should go through Africa’s mother, Joan Joseph.

If he wants to see his daughter he should also contact Joan Joseph, and stay away from Ms. Africa.

Laurent is fined $600 to be paid by March 31st or spend four months in prison.

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