Key Stakeholders Trained On Combating Counterfeit Medicine

The Ministry of Health in collaboration with the OECS/Pharmaceutical Procurement Service (PPS) conducted a workshop on combating counterfeit medicine and promoting rational medicine use. The workshop was held on Thursday, December 2nd at the Public Service Training Center.

Chief Medical Officer in The Ministry of Health Dr. David Johnson says factors contributing to the rise in pharmaceutical counterfeit cases are largely due to under regulated trading arrangements among countries, and inadequate Legislation and enforcement.

Dr. Johnson at this morning’s workshop spoke to some of the harsh realities as it relates to counterfeit drug circulation and use.

The Head of Unit of the OECS/PPS, Francis Burnett says while we aim to develop Legislation to counteract this global phenomenon, the professionals of the represented departments must take responsibility to safeguard the health of the public.

He further says counterfeit medical products have been reported in three Caribbean countries so far, with hundreds of children killed in Haiti, due to counterfeit Paracetamol products.

Various medical departments, the legal department as well as customs and police personnel were represented at the workshop.

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