KFC Portsmouth to shut down

kfc.jpgWhat started out as a rumour may have some truth to it, as more talk has been circulating surrounding the closure of the Portsmouth branch of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC).


The talk has been a hot topic for many persons, has reached a number of media houses.


Staff there report having been informed on Monday that, the company which has been operating for almost three years, will be shutting down its doors soon because of financial difficulties.


If this turns out to be true a number of families will be affected, as the company has employees of approximately 50.


However reports indicate that, the employees have not yet received any written letters concerning the matter.


When contacted, the General Manager of Fine Foods Incorporated stated they will be releasing a statement soon on the matter.


The company responsible for KFC, Fine Foods Incorporated, closed down its Rituals branch in Roseau last year.

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