King Dice Speaks Following Victory

IMPERIAL CROWNFollowing his seven time victory, in an interview with reigning Calypso Monarch, Dennison “Dice” Joseph, the calypsonian seemed unsure of whether he would participate in the Calypso competition next year.

Dice, who has since his arrival on the Calypso scene, stolen the hearts Calypso lovers, said that if the people are getting tired of him winning then he may just step down and take a break next year.



Derrick "Hunter" St. Rose

Derrick “Hunter” St. Rose

Although fans of Dice was elated by his win on Saturday evening at the Windsor Park Sports Stadium, several persons felt that the act was getting old and perhaps it was indeed “time for change”.

According to the reigning Monarch the competition was tough and at some point he was not sure whether he would win.

Calypso King Dennison "Dice" Joseph

Calypso King Dennison “Dice” Joseph

Nonetheless left up to his booming fan base, the King may not leave the Calypso scene any time soon, with his script writer looking forward to three more crowns from Dice.

Meanwhile, President of the Dominica Calypso Association, Derrick “Hunter” St. Rose gave a strong ‘maybe’ for his participation in next year’s Calypso competition.


Mr. St. Rose, who seemed quite disappointed by the results, pointed out that the judge’s decision is final, noting he gave his best that night.

Calypsonian “The Wave” was also pleased with his performance, particularly being a new comer on the scene.

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