King Dice Wins Calypso Finals 2013

King Dice

Defending Calypso King, Dennison “King Dice” Joseph

It was a night of fierce competition, as 10 Calypsonians took to the stage on Saturday February 10th, for the 2013 Calypso Finals.

Defending Calypso King, Dennison “King Dice” Joseph, who was the first to perform his song entitled “Beat Me Mama,” which sheds light on the number of youth who have gone astray, due to the lack of parental guidance.

The crowd cheered loudly in appreciation, as he started his performance as a prisoner behind bars, who was closely guarded before being escorted on stage.

In the second round King Dice came with “Remember the Patriot.”

A song that deals with ensuring Dominica’s history is properly documented, as Historians make up their own history to brainwash the population.

This was the better of his two performances for the show.

Kelly “Ras Kelly” Williams who is also the President of the Dominica Calypso Association, exceeded the crowds’ expectations with a solid performance for his song entitled “Papa Its You,” which is against drug dealers who poison the youth with illegal drugs, that contributes to the break down in society and increase in crime.

Sherian “Elektra” Letang with “A Woman’s Worth,” let her powerful voice be heard, while motivating women to empower themselves which was appreciated by the crowd.

To end her performance she paid tribute to Dominican, Doctor Carissa Etienne, newly inaugurated Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO).

Derose came out with his song “Dominica Is Too Free,” which all Dominicans can relate to, as it was a statement made by Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.

He touched on important points such as the allegedly illegal appointment of the President of Dominica and the Police Chief among others.

Newcomer Black Diamond with “The Power of Calypso,” reminded the public of the importance of Calypso, which is a means of expressing social commentary in the form of music.

The Bobb came with “Find Your Way” focusing on the hate going on in Dominica that is keeping the country from progressing.

Karessah delivered a very energetic performance for his popular song entitled “Water Bag Burst.”

The song is based on someone’s cry of being overwhelmed with problems and can’t take it anymore.

There could only be one winner, which emerged in the form of now 6 time Calypso Monarch of Dominica, Dennison “King Dice” Joseph.

Karessah was 1st runner-up, while The Webb was 2nd runner-up, and The Bobb was 3rd runner-up.

Marja “Lady Star” Jeffers was awarded as the Young Rising Star of Calypso, while Most Impressive Calypso went to Skinny “Shadow Flow” Banton.

Speaking with King Dice after the results he stated that, this win was a great achievement dedicated to his daughters.

He stated when he sees that the people need something else, he will retire from Calypso, however at this point, he is of the view that they are loving what he is doing.

Other performers at the show were; Daddy Chess, and Soul Puss.

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