King Dice’s Mother Speaks on Son Success

Dices' mum

Florestine “Phyllis” Joseph, mother of King Dice

Winning the Dominica Calypso Monarch is a challenge in itself; however winning six times is something only one destined for greatness can accomplish.

This was the work of Dennison “King Dice” Joseph, following the Calypso Finals on Saturday February 9th 2013.

Florestine “Phyllis” Joseph the mother of King Dice, who resides in St. Martin, stated she is very excited that her son won for the sixth time, as she knew he could do it.

Ms. Joseph stated Dice was always musically talented from an early age.

She reminisced on a time, when she saw him sitting on the ground near a tap of water flowing into a bucket, tapping to a rhythm.

Ms. Joseph says his deceased great aunt would then join in and sing songs with him.

Dice would then dance and sing, which would attract a crowd of his family and friends.

Although she was not around a lot to mold him into a musician, Miss Joseph says she always encouraged him to pursue his passion, as he expressed his love of music to her.

When he told her that he wanted to participate in the Junior Monarch Show, she made sure it was something he really wanted to do, as he was a student at the St. Mary’s Academy (S.M.A) at the time.

She went on to thank all Dominicans and Dice’s fans, while urging them to continue supporting and praying for him.



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