King’s Garments, Employment and Security Services is going the extra mile for the Independence seas


King’s Garments, Employment and Security Services located in the community of Pottersville is doing it quite big for this years 32nd Independence Celebrations as the company is making it their duty to ensure that every Dominican is properly attired during the Independence Season. While speaking to SAT TV News on October 13th 2010, Mr King said that King’s Garments is indeed ready to heighten the Independence Season with its Creole garments by making prices very affordable for all Dominicans this year. King believes that through this effort, many individuals will now be able to show patriotism and exhibit love for culture. He added that King’s Garments does not solely provide garments to customers, but provides Employment and Security Services as well.


“Dominicans can no longer complain that they do not have anyone to work for them as King’s Garments is providing Dominicans with the opportunity to hire workers through king’s Garments, Employment and Security Services” said Mr. King.

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