Kings Hill Bus Drivers Strike

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The deplorable state of the Kings Hill road

“Enough is enough,” was the view of the Kings Hill Bus Drivers, who displayed their frustration by protesting on Tuesday February 5th 2013.

The drivers stated, for far too long they have been forced to endure driving on deplorable roads, and they have reached their breaking point.

One bus driver Mr. Julien “Father” Jeffers said, the Politicians and all relevant authorities responsible for road works are taking them for granted which is unfair.

Mr. Jeffers noted, what makes the situation worse is that, they have gone to the Parliamentary Representative for the Roseau South Constituency Honourable Ambrose George, to express their concerns of the road, but nothing has been done.

Last week Tuesday when they planned to demonstrate, workers were sent to work on the road for only three days and have not returned since.


Kings Hill Bus Driver

The frustrated bus driver said they are not carrying any passengers, until they have received positive news from the relevant authorities to fix their roads, or if workers are sent back to continue the work that was started.

He said all he wants is for the roads to be fixed.

Another Bus Driver, Mr. Bertrand Propser, who has been a bus driver for over four years, stated, during his entire time as a bus driver thus far, the roads have been in a deplorable condition.

He said this should not be so, as they pay their licenses and taxes to operate on the road, so this money should be used for road maintenance.

Mr. Prosper added, patching one or two holes in one section of one road, does not address the problem they are facing, as Kings Hill has three major main roads in addition to others.

He says the people of a country should not be neglected to that extent.

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Kings Hill Bus Driver

Bus Driver Mr. Harrison Languedoc, who has been driving for the past 14 years, mentioned that, they have suffered severe damages to their vehicles for years.

He has to replace ball joints, shocks, bearings, springs, and bushings on a regular basis.

He pointed out that most of the revenue they earn transporting passengers is spent on the maintenance of their buses, as a result of the deplorable road conditions.

He says what hurts his heart is the fact that, their Parliamentary Representative Mr. Ambrose George, frequents the area in his Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) but does nothing to help them.

All fourteen of the Kings Hill bus drivers are involved in this strike.

Efforts were made to contact Mr. George, however at press time he was at a Cabinet meeting and unavailable for comment.

kingshill bus strikeMinister of Public Works Energy and Ports, Honourable Rayburn Blackmoore is out of state.

SAT NEWS will provide an update on this situation once contact is made with the relevant authorities.



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