Kite Surfer Brings Hope to People with Disabilities

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Serge Occhipinti, Kite surfer

Mr. Serge Occhipinti, from the neighboring island of Martinique arrived at Dominica on Sunday, 9th June, via kite surfing to share his amazing story and encourage all Dominicans that there is nothing that cannot be done once you put your heart into it.

On January 24th 2011, Mr. Occhipinti was travelling South of Martinique on a motorcycle, and three days later woke up in the hospital with an amputated arm and multiple fractures resulting from a road collision.

Doctors informed his family that he only had a 20% chance of survival and if he lived he would never walk again.

However through perseverance and a lot of therapy Serge is now a professional Kite Surfer, who is on a quest to prove that people with disabilities can excel through sports and to open up an avenue for others living with any disabilities.

In March of 2013 he started this project, to travel from Martinique to Saint Martin, which will take a minimum of seven phases.

Many sponsors have come on board to Serge’s quest including the French Group France Televisions and sports magazine, Kite Surfing Mag.

“This project is of immeasurable importance to me, I want to prove to myself; but also for people with disabilities to show them anything is possible when we are driven by passion, determination and most importantly desire.”

“I wish through this challenge to bring hope and prove that disability is not an obstacle to live life to the fullest and fulfill your dreams.”

The words of Serge Occhipinti; we wish him well on his quest.

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