KIWANIS Club Promotes Dental Health


President of the KIWANIS Club, Khonda Hamlet

The Kiwanis Club of Roseau has yet again proven its objective to help in developing and educating young children as they conducted a dental health day at the Social Center on Friday 21st June.

Kiwanis club in collaboration with the model Social Center Pre- School, the Dominica Coconut Product Palmolive and the Dental Health Unit all joined together to promote dental day.

President of the KIWANIS Club, Khonda Hamlet said the aim was to allow the children to start learning good habits at an early age which will be beneficial to them throughout their lives.

Dr. Bertilia Lewis was the dentist present at the dental health day, where she educated the kids on how to take care of their teeth as well as oral hygiene.

She said the importance of caring for our teeth can prevent a number of diseases including gun disease.

Dr. Lewis gave advice to parents on how to help their children care for their teeth.


Dr. Bertina Luis, Dentist

A Representative for the Dominica Coconut Product Palmolive company donated dental kits to the students of the Social Center Pre- School in hopes that they practice what they had been taught for dental day.











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