Krazy-T gives his view

Frankie Bellot.jpgAccording to Bernard Wiltshire the leader of the Waitukubuli ecological foundation (WEF), businessman Frankie “Crazy T” Bellot has been cutting down trees in the area which could affect the water catchment area adversely however, Mr. Bellot says otherwise.


Mr. Bellot says originally, the land belonged to an American elderly man and when he passed away he bought the land from him. He says since the sale, he produced a “letter of planning” to the ministry of environment, natural resources, physical planning and fisheries and he is waiting on a reply.


He stated that in the mean time, he is clearing the pathway to build a road which will lead to his house as well as planting trees such as grapefruits and cherries to beautify the environment.


Mr. Bellot says persons from the ministry of health and the government physical planning division came to his property to view the land and the work being done and neither of them had anything negative to say.


In addition, he mentioned that there are rumors circulating that Mr. Bellot has been cutting down the trees in pond case and as a result the Layou and Rosalie rivers are dried up.


Mr. Bellot says that this accusation is beyond ridiculous and the only trees that he cut down were the ones that were dying.

Mr. Bellot says all he wants is peace and this is the main reason for building far way from society. And he would appreciate it if everyone stopped accusing him.

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