Kubuli Team Wins Dive Fest Canoe Race 2013


Kubuli Team Wins Dive Fest Canoe Race 2013

It was all excitement for the Kubuli team, following their victory at the Dive Fest 2013 Canoe Race competition held in Soufriere.

The event which took place on Sunday July 14th, saw a number of teams participate in the event, however the rowing techniques of the Kubuli team was superior to their competitors, affording them with what seemed to be a flawless victory.


Captain of the Kubuli team, Mr. David Toussaint

Captain of the Kubuli team, Mr. David Toussaint, said it felt good to win this year.

Mr. Toussiant noted that his team has been winning the competition since it began. They have won five competitions consecutively, which in itself is a remarkable achievement.

According to him, they were supposed to win the competition last year, but due to some controversy it was given to another team, which served as motivation for them to rethink their game plan to win this year.

Other teams who participated in the event were; Save A Lot, DOMLEC, Digicel and Auto Trade among others, who all received support by the large crowd in attendance.

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