L.I.B.R.A Foundation Presents: A Tale of Slavery the Musical Part 2


Writer of the play, Ms. Gizelle Pierre-Toussaint

One of the youngest playwrights in Dominica, Ms. Gizelle Pierre-Toussaint, continues to stun the public with her talent and skills, she produced part 2, of “A Tale of Slavery, the Musical”.

Not only is she one of the youngest playwrights, she is also the Founder and President of the L.I.B.R.A Foundation.

The play will take place at the 8:00pm, at the Arawak House of Culture, on Friday May 3rd.

Ms. Toussaint said it only took her a weekend to write the play and it has been in preparation ever since.

She shared with our reporter her inspiration comes from almost anything and that she was so pleased with her previous play A Tale of Slavery the Musical Part 1, that she wrote part 2.

The idea originated during some research she conducted on slavery.

This helped her realize the truth behind slavery that is hidden in our society.

Ms. Toussaint stated, that the support received from both her family and the cast has been excellent.

She noted, that without her family, her achievements would not have been possible.

Tickets are available at Shuwama King, on Old Street and at Italia’s and Guiave’s Restaurants.

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