La Plaine Hosts 3rd Youth Academy Awards


One of the participants receiving his award

The La Plaine Youth Sports Academy (LYSA) held their third awards night on Saturday December 15th, under the theme, “Working together to enhance our future.”

This was all done in an effort to congratulate and recognize those who have contributed and participated to making LYSA awards night as well as their anniversary a reality.

LYSA’s President Mr. Derrick Lestrade, says when the academy started off, it was a non-profit organization.


LYSA’s President Mr. Derrick Lestrade

Mr. Lestrade added that due to the deplorable state of the La Plaine playing field they were unable to continue its routine football program.

The team participated in the Riviere Cyrique Football league and according to their President, they performed incredibly well.

LYSA encourages the public’s continued support and involvement in the various activities as they continue to work together to enhance the Academy and the children’s future.


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