La Plaine Inaugural Meeting

Acting Prime Minister Mr.Reginald Austrie congratulated and commended the councilors of La Plaine who took the initiative to put themselves out there to help with the development of the community.


In addition, Mr. Austire says that it is going to be a very difficult as well as challenging path for these upcoming councilors. He explains


Minister of Social Services, Gender Affairs and Community Development Ms. Gloria Shillingford says she is certain that those who have served previously are aware of the hard work required however it may be a rewarding experience.


She believes the previous councilors should make good use of their experience for the advancement of the village.


In addition she mentioned that the people of La Plaine have ensured that their community is known as a supportive and cooperative one.


Ms. Shillingford hopes that the La Plaine residents maintain working together as a community not only for the development aspect, but for general peace.

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