Labour Commissioner Focuses on Developing Sectors in Dominica

Government has embarked on a public awareness campaign with respect to the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States (OECS) Economic Union.

The Consultation which was held at the Public Service Training Center on Thursday 13th June, was aimed at providing information to everyone involved in Dominica’s private sector.

Mr. Matthew Leblanc, Labour Commissioner, in his presentation focused on the growth and development strategies for the OECS.


Mr. Matthew Leblanc, Labour Commissioner

The intention of the consultation is to have a broad set of policies and actions coming out of the census, to which each country could identify.

Article 13.1 Grounding in the Economic Union Treaty highlighted the five development objectives including economic transformation, growth, employment, poverty reduction and appropriate levels of development.

With regards to marine transport, Mr. Leblanc said they are working with small shippers in the OECS that deals with trading and organization to create an organized cluster; which will benefit agricultural trade in Dominica.

He briefly highlighted education and stated the seven imperatives for education that all member states have agreed to.

For the health sector Mr. Leblanc said that they are sourcing resources regionally to support our health agenda beyond HIV and AIDS.

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