Labour Party Government Continues to Address Needs of Dominican People

$54 million is being allocated to the education sector as part of the 2012- 2013 budget.

Hon. Peter St. Jean

Honourable Petter St. Jean, Minister for Education says that at the ministry they believe that every child deserves high quality education, and their mission statement is to guarantee equitable access to high quality education and training, to develop all out citizens to lead productive and fulfilling lives in a complex and changing society.

He says gone are the days when we thought because of someone’s surname they would make it and someone from a lower socio-economic bracket would not be able to access the kind of education that was required.

He says they have expanded the TIVET and CVQ standards and sought to equip schools with relevant facilities for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TIVET) instructions, and to address the issue of reducing gender disparity and to ensure workshop are convened so teachers can understand issues that confront education.

As it relates to school maintenance over the past year, comprehensive maintenance work on 11 schools around the island have been done costing 1,096,000.

Through the transportation scheme monthly payments were made to 56 contracted private bus drivers with a total of 1782 students being transported at a cost of $1,656,167.50 per annum.

Currently the government is seeking to ensure that the Dominica people are giving the opportunity, like our Caribbean counterparts, to sit in a state of the art facility to access information.

Designs and estimates are being prepared for construction of a modern library to cater for the needs of all Dominicans, including those with disabilities.

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