Lack of Readily Available Birth Certificates Slowing Down MPID Cards Enrollment

Sample of the Multi-Purpose Identification Card

Sample of the Multi-Purpose Identification Card

The lack of readily available birth certificates, has been identified as one of the challenges in the smooth enrollment of the Multi-Purpose Identification Cards (MPID’s).

This is according to Chief Elections Officer, Steven Larocque in an interview with SAT TV on Monday June 16th 2014.

“A lot of people don’t have birth certificates and we have requested from the Registry to facilitate these individuals, however to make the process even faster, we are asking the employers to advise their employees to request in advance their birth certificates from Registry, as many of them cannot find their certificate, Larocque explained.”

The process to obtain a birth certificate from Registry is three days however, they are making an effort to facilitate us by getting it done in a day he added.

He said, as a result, the process has to be started using the person’s picture ID then that person has to return with their birth certificate to then continue the process.

This information is vital he said, as the Electoral Commission has to verify the information submitted before the I.D can be produced with the correct electoral number.

The voter’s I.D list is also being cleaned through the MPID enrollment.

Chief Elections Officer, Steven Larocque

Chief Elections Officer, Steven Larocque

“In addition to that we have been getting information from assistant registrars on the Island, and a list of persons who have died submitted by the Registry on a monthly basis also assists in clearing up the list,” Larocque explained.

Larocque stated, based on the Laws of Dominica, the only other way someone can be removed from the list is if that person has been out of state for a period of five years, however due process must be followed as someone must first object to that person’s name being on the list.

The person must then be informed of the objection and be given time to defend why their name should remain on the list.

He added, due process must be followed as anyone who registers to vote has a right to do so and it cannot be removed simply by the stroke of a pen.

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