Lagoon Street Jam 2013

vlcsnap-2013-02-05-13h06m29s239Calypso lovers made evident their loyalty to the Art as hundreds of people lined the street for the Lagoon Street Jam held on Independent Street last night.

Swinging Stars band, one of the locally popular bands, provided over twenty Calypsonians with exceptional background music. Which when teamed with the vocals created sweet harmony.

The event took flight with the first performance done by former Road March king, the Energizer.

Before his rendition he called on Dominicans to have a peaceful and united Carnival.

It appeared that Checker was one of the crowds’ favorite as they danced and sang along to his song “When I Die”

The song speaks about choices, honesty and creating a great legacy while here on earth.

Sour Sour definitely put on a dynamic performance with two of his popular songs: Yaw Yaw and Yo Voleh.

The crowd was seen well entertained and energized with waving hands, dancing and singing.

vlcsnap-2013-02-05-13h06m16s96The song entitled “I Cyan Eat Concrete” targets a lot of political issues occurring in the country. It also speaks of the difficulties people face financially on a daily basis.

Mighty Logas, another favorite of the crowd gave a stunning performance as many standing below his feet could relate to the powerful words of the song.

Other Calypsonian such as De Webb, Dyno, Checker, Big Jeff and Son of the Sainte also performed at last night’s event.

The Street Jam finally came to a close with Swinging stars closing song “A Nous Alay”.


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