Lamb’s Feast Provides Meals To The Elderly




Several elderly persons had the privilege of enjoying a warm balanced meal, when lamb’s feast treated them to Lunch at the Borough Square in Portsmouth, on Sunday November 28th, 2010, in honor of Thanksgiving. Lamb’s Feast is a non-profit charitable organization, formed seven years ago, with the sole purpose of feeding the less fortunate. Vice-President of Lamb’s Feast, Ms Bernicia Peter, said that the organization takes pleasure in caring for the elderly.


Ms Jennifer Jeffers, President of Lamb’s Feast also appealed to other charitable organisations to emulate their actions while urging the public to support the initiative.


Ms Jeffers would like to thank Marvelyn Valentine, Mersha John, Maclean Marie of Safarie Investment, Nurse Valerie, Pastor Rudy, The Grace Temple Church and The Gospel Mission Church of Portsmouth for their continued support.

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