Landslide damages house in Fond Cole

­­­A family of five is terrified for their lives as a landslide rattled their home causing serious damage to numerous areas in Fond Cole near the Asphalt Plant on Friday June 25th. Susan Maffei the mother of three is also concerned about the constant water which drips alongside her house which undoubtedly poses as a health hazard. Ms Maffei is scared for the lives and health of her family especially her four, fourteen and nineteen year old children.


In a distressing voice, she said that this constant contaminated water from the Dominica State Prison is causing serious problems and she has been trying to resolve the problem for three years now however, she has not been successful. She claimed that she has been given the “run around,” by individuals in public sector and something needs to be done.


“Dominica belongs to all of us,” said Ms Maffei as she stated that she is only asking for something simple. She added that it is high time the government of Dominica shows some concern for the poor.

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