Landslide Hinders Local Residents from Daily Commute


Landslide Hinders Local Residents from Daily Commute

Fallen rocks on a section of the Pointe Michel to Soufriere road, has made it impassable for local residents from both villages to travel by vehicular transportation.

On Tuesday August 26th at about 6:00am, enormous rocks from the cliff tumbled downwards near the Melvina’s Bar in Pointe Michel.

No one was injured during the time of the incident; however, people were seen climbing over rocks to get to the other side of the landslide.

One man said that his daily morning exercise is done in this area, but he had a strange feeling and decided not to go running.

Mathias Jno-Baptiste of Loubiere, said he was at sea and had witnessed the entire incident.

The bus drivers in the Pointe Michel area, served as shuttles for the persons traversing from Soufriere and Scotts Head to transport them into the city.


Landslide Hinders Local Residents from Daily Commute

Public Works employees, later arrived on the scene with their heavy equipment to begin work on the road, hoping to alleviate this impediment and regain normalcy in all the affected communities.

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