Large Turn-out for St. Joseph’s Carnival Opening


Flag Wavers at St. Joseph’s Opening of Carnival

The parish of St. Joseph was the place to be on Saturday 26th, as many turned out for their carnival opening.

Dominicans from various villages, came together to witness the carnival opening which included a very entertaining public street party and an energetic parade.

This year, more individuals were involved since there are many people from St. Joseph partaking in certain events for 2013.

The carnival events representatives from St. Joseph were fully supported and looked extremely colourful as well as attractive.

Costumes for last year’s Jouvert were worn as part of their opening as Crossvibes excited the participants and started off the opening.

St. Joseph’s Carnival Opening truly demonstrated the definition of “Real Mas”.

It has been four years since the village has been hosting their annual carnival opening and this year, was just as good as the last.

Sakis Lapo Kabwit at St. Joseph's Opening of Carnival

Sakis Lapo Kabwit at St. Joseph’s Opening of Carnival

Although the bands entertained the crowd, the “lapo-kabwit” band was the highlight of the opening this year. Many people appeared to be more involved in the “lapo-kabwit” music and street performances, than the regular bands.

The stick walkers better known as “bwa-bwas” were dressed in green, red, purple, yellow, blue and pink.

The flag wavers young and old, also participated and paraded the Streets of St. Joseph.

The Miss Plus Size and Queen Contestant representing St. Joseph, participated with bands and all had a great time. Overall, the 2013 St. Joseph Carnival Opening was indeed successful as well as entertaining.

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