Laudat Disaster Management Team propelled upwards



Sixteen members of the Laudat Community Disaster Response Team (CDRT) participated in a three-day intensive training programme to prepare them for effective response to any disaster that may occur in or near the village. The training was facilitated by a team from the Dominica Red Cross and a Fire Safety Officer from the Fire Prevention Unit, Mr Wayne Letang. The Dominica Red Cross Team was lead by Mrs. Kathleen Pinard-Byrne, the Director General. The purpose of the three-day training was to equip members of the CDRT with the basic knowledge skills and attitudes for effective response before, during and after the occurrence of a community disaster. The training covered critical areas such as: Priority natural hazards and precautions, Community development plans, Family plans, Post-disaster Community Assessment, Shelter Management, Psychological Support in a Disaster, Emergency Care, Fire Safety and Light Search and Rescue Operations. A simulation exercise was undertaken in the village, on day two, for assessment of the learning by participants. While expressing pleasure with the quality of the training, Chairman of the Disaster Management Team, Mr. Albert Noel, confidently remarked that, “Now we’re in the hurricane season, the training comes at the right time for equipping and educating our team for effective response before, during and after a disaster – in one word a worthwhile training.” Fire Safety Officer, Wayne Letang, was most impressed with the quality and quantity of participation from the group and described the teaching/learning experience as “Superb.” Participants were unanimous with their assessment that the training was a big success for the team. However, everyone verbalized the need for continuous practice of the skills acquired so that in the event of a disaster there will be confidence in approaching the task. There is absolutely no doubt that the community of Laudat stands to benefit greatly from the application of the knowledge, skills and attitudes participants acquired at the training with.

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