Launch of Bense, Anse de Mai Renuion

Residents of Bense, Anse De Mai and Anse Sol Dat, will all be enjoying a number of festivities which have been organized by the Committee For The Improvement of Bense, Anse De Mai and Anse Sol Dat (CIMBAA), as part of the reunion activities for these communities.

President of CIMBAA Ms. Kalisha Aaron says the reunion will take place from June 29th to July 9th 2012.

Ms. Aaron says one of the objectives of this reunion is to bring persons in the communities together, while forming linkages and partnerships with Diaspora for the advancement of the communities, and the country by extension.

Chairman of the Bense Village Council Mr. Joseph Williams says, they will be taking on a cleanup campaign in the communities to ensure they are ready for all activities to have a clean environment for the reunion.

Mr. Williams says that since it is their community they must not rely on the government to do everything, so they must all stand firm together to do all that they can to make this reunion 2012 a success.

Parliamentary Representative Honourable Matthew Walter, who expressed a special thanks to the members of CIMBAA for organizing all reunion activities themselves says, this reunion must not be seen as just a village thing but a national thing.

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