Launch of National Health Accounts

Thursday July 19th saw the official launching of the National Health Accounts (NHA) Estimation Exercise.

These activities are geared towards a sound plan for the sustainability for national responses for HIV/AIDS and by extension health systems strengthening when donor funds are withdrawn or are no longer available.

National Coordinator of the HIV/AIDS Unit, Julie Frampton, says the assessment was based on the 6 health systems building blocks; governance, health financing, service delivery, human resources for health, among others.

Mrs. Helen Royer, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health says these topics assure contemporary relevance in a large context of rising expectation of the people of Dominica for an effective delivery of health care services.

She believes firmly this assessment will assist in finding solutions and add an important and timely input into the process.

Mr. Roger McLean from the Center for Health Economics, UWI, says for them at the center, this focus is centered on the concern for improvement in conditions that our people live.

At the center they see this tool as one that can go a long way in improving the allocation of resources in the health sector and related sectors, and ultimately redound to an improvement of the quality of life for Dominican and by extension, the region.

Minister for Health, Honourable Julius Timothy expressed that as the health system in Dominica grows in complexity and scope, our health financial systems must also keep apace.

The NHA will provide resource tracking tools to help better understand current health financing systems and where we need to be.

He is confident that this partnership will continue exploring possible options for health care financing, including the scope for a national health insurance scheme.

The day’s events continued with an overview of NHA, implementation plan and a discussion of the value of NHA and NHA HIV/AIDS subaccounts data for Dominica health sector stakeholders.

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