Launch of Praise Festival

Bishop Michael Daniel

The People’s Pentecostal Family Church Praise festival (PPFC) carded for the 28th of October was officially launched on Friday 28th, September 2012.

Head of the Children’s Church as well as one of the organizers of this event Sister Jermainia Didier says last year, unfortunately for the first time in many years, the festival was not held.

Therefore this year, Sister Didier expects the festival to be very entertaining and she urges the public to take part in this event.

During Praise Festival, believers are encouraged in word, sound and in Dance. She says everyone is encouraged to increase their commitment to God.

The PPFC is the one spearheading the whole programme however; they do have other participations from other churches.

Dr Charlotte Cuffy

Organizer of the music and arts and crafts of the church Dr Charlotte Cuffy stated that, most of the time is going to spent on worshiping God since we are now learning the difference between praise and worship.

Bishop Michael Daniel says many wonderful topics will be discussed at the festival and the last speaker would be speaking on creating a dwelling place for God.

Bishop Daniel is certain that the public will benefit from this festival.

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