Launch Of St. John’s Co Operative

petro.jpgThe Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs co operative Division held the Saint John’s Fisher folk co operative study Group Inaugural ceremony on Wednesday March 21st 2012 at Portsmouth Fisheries Complex.


Chairman, Steering Committee, Mr. Roy Casey says, it took a lot of hard work to get the organization to where it is presently.


Mr. Casey alleged he always had faith and believed things would progress.

Senior Fishery Officer, Norman Norris says a lot more work on marketing needs to be done to better the management of the Fishery resources.


Mr. Norris suggested that the fishermen should always provide data to the co operative seeing that it is crucial for the development of the sector.


He says there are already thirty fishermen prepared to participate in this division.

Mr. Norris says resources are limited and populace should respect other individual’s funds. He says the members need to commercialize the fishery sector and get more fishermen to spend more time with the fishery co operative rather than seeing it as a part time job.


Hon. Ian Douglas, Parliamentary Representative of Portsmouth Constituency says activities such as this, over- shadows the negativity in the community and the aim is to become the best business organization.


Mr. Douglas strongly believes that fishermen should not be stereotyped because the fishermen made fishing a living rather than a hobby.


In addition, he says the older folks should contribute to the upcoming fisher men. Not necessarily in terms of money, but in terms of talent.


Registrar of Co Operatives, Ms. Mariet Canoville says the Co operative puts residents first and provides a service to the people.


Ms. Canoville says the Co operative has changed lives of people however, she believes everyone needs to play their part in order for it to be successful.


‘It is our community, and it is us that will determine what improvements we want done,’ she says.

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