Launch of Stardom Tent Calypso 2014

stardom3The Carnival season has opened and calypso lovers have a lot to look forward too.

Mr. Norman Letang, Manager of Stardom Calypso Tent expects that a lot will come from the tent this year with a list of activities scheduled to take place.

The tent consists of thirty calypsonians and according to Mr. Letang ‘all the big guns’ and some of the ‘better persons from the eliminations’.

The organisers of the tent will host a Stardom Tent Road March competition as part of its Carnival activities.

Other events include; ladies night, Jokers Night and Monarch of the Tent


Mr. Norman Letang, Manager of Stardom Calypso Tent

Mr. Norman Letang, Manager of Stardom Calypso Tent

It is also expected that some collaboration will take place between the Stardom Calypso Tent and the newly formed Renegades Calypso Tent.

“It will help us. They have even asked that we cooperate so that we could exchange a calypsonian or two every night. I suppose we don’t have a problem with that”, he said, referring to the Renegades Calypso Tent.

Stardom Calypso Tent will open on Wednesday January 15th at the Sisserou Hotel and will include calypsonians such as Hunter, Daddy Chess, Black Diamond, Shadow Flow, Beno, Elektra and Wok Sok.

Mr. Letang encourages patrons to come and support these activities.

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