Launching of Cooperative Calypso

2012 Calypso King – Dice

For all those who think they have what it takes to become the next calypso champ, they now have the chance to do so.

Ministry of Social Services, Community Development and Gender Affairs Cooperative Division officially launched an upcoming Calypso competition.

Mr. Charles says Calypso is the spinal cord of our country. He believes there are many issues that affect us that we cannot express directly, and this is where Calypso comes in.

He added that this is a mandate for us.

President of the Calypso Association Mr. Kelly Williams says that it is difficult to write Calypso
songs only based on “Cooperatives” when usually Calypso is used to express any opinion.

Williams also encourages Song Writers, Calypsonians and entertainers to take part.

He called on the Government to put a halt to Culture Taxes. Williams believes that our culture should be supported rather than taxed.

Registrar of Cooperatives Mr. Rennick Toussaint says that the Cooperative movement is on a “Promotion Drive” and the competition is open to the public.

The person in 1st place will receive $7000, 2nd place $5000 and 3rd $3000.


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