Lawyer David Bruney Says That Police Arrested In Haste

Representing one of the men arrested for the murder of Joe Costello, Attorney-at-Law David Bruney asked that disclosure of the case be made within the month.

Speaking before Magistrate Ossie Lewis, he asks that the case be transferred from the Marigot judicial district as there is currently no Magistrate in Marigot and this only serves to extend his clients period in custody.

The Dominican Police employed the services of a forensics laboratory in the United Stated to help with evidence in the case.

However Mr.Bruney says that his client produced hair, saliva and blood samples to send to the lab six months ago and had received no response.

Bruney claimed that the results of the forensic tests were allegedly inconclusive therefore proving that his client was not involved in the murder.

He says that the Police arrested in haste however the public prosecution responded that they had received no results from the forsnsic lab to date.

Bail remains closed and the trial remains in the Marigot judicial district.

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