Layou Improvement Committee Inc to hosts its 3rd annual Titiwi Festival scheduled for this weekend


The Improvement Committee Inc is once again celebrating their 3rd annual Titiwi Festival which is scheduled to take place this weekend, September 25th – 26th, 2010 at Layou. The Layou Improvement Committee is a non-profit organization established for the main purpose of uplifting the community and organizing the Titiwi Festival. This festival was incepted for the main purpose of inviting Dominicans and visitors alike into layou to enjoy themselves and taste different titiwi dishes. While speaking to SAT TV News on September 20th 2010, Mr Lazare Charles, President of the Layou Improvement Committee Inc said that the committee has established a new activity geared at marking the 3rd annual Titiwi Festival.


“The festivities will begin with a Fish Night on Saturday September 25th 2010 from 2 o’clock at Layou. There will be performances by the Elevation Band, Signal Band and Midnight Groovers. Patrons will also get a chance to taste different fish dishes such as Broth and Sancoche,” Mr Charles said.


Lazare gave further details about the main event which is slated for Sunday September 26th 2010.


He said, “The main event begins on Sunday September 26th at 9 o’clock with a church service at the Methodists Church. The committee will be joined by the acting president, His Excellency Edward I. Watty. There will also be a recognition ceremony for persons who have contributed tremendously towards Layou’s development followed by an arts and craft exhibition showcasing the talents of the people in the community.”


Lazare said that in comparison to last year where the committee featured Miracle Lake, this year there will be a new feature.


“We have introduced the ‘Layou Fishing Tour’ as the new feature where patrons will be given the chance to enjoy a boat ride from Layou to Rodney’s Rock and educate themselves about the history of Layou,” said Mr Charles.


Mr. Charles sounded a call to all Dominicans both here and abroad, to join in celebrating Layou’s 3rd annual Titiwi Festival as it promises to be bigger and better. The WCK Band, Dj Seegi, Natural Vibes and Signal Band are among the many entertainers to perform at this year’s Titiwi Festival.

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