Leader of the Opposition speaks about road issue

Mr. John Hector

Leader of the Opposition Mr. Hector John will take matters into his own hands on Sunday, July 8th. Mr. John says for over two years, he has been asking for assistance to improve the Salisbury Roads.

He indicated that he wrote to the Government on numerous occasions about this issue as well as personal visits, and he is yet to get a response.

Mr. John does not believe that the lack of response is something personal however, he refuses to sit and wait.

He says on Sunday July 8th, the Salisbury residents including himself are going to take it upon themselves to improve the roads.

The residents purchased their own materials such as cement, asphalt and tar and their aim this Sunday is to improve as many main roads as possible.

Mr. John mentioned that it is also uncomfortable for the elderly folks and pregnant women when they are travelling on these roads.

In addition, he mentioned that he is not hoping to gain anything in particular from this project apart from assistance.
Mr. John is still hoping to get some assistance with materials at least.

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