Leader of the United Workers Party Speaks on UWP’S Retreat

Leader of UWP, Edison James

Leader of UWP, Edison James

On Sunday April 7th, the United Workers Party assembled for a retreat, where the party discussed the issues that they are unhappy with.

Leader of the United Workers Party, Mr. Edison James, stated that as a political party, it is necessary that its members brain storm ways to move forward in the near future.

Mr. James said one of the main issues discussed is the procedures for the general elections, was the Voting National Identification Cards.

Another point that was brought up at the retreat was the construction of Dominica’s International Airport.

Mr. James strongly believes that a National Airport is a necessity for Dominica.

Mr. James said they also discussed employment for the Youth. “It is vital that the younger generation earn their own money”, he added.

Overall, he believes that the retreat went well and he says that the United Workers Party is ready to move forward

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