Leader of United Workers Party Says Mr. Skerrit is disrespectful



UWP.jpgMr. James says that the Prime Minister’s comments were uncalled for, and he should have been a lot more sensitive to the plight of the bus drivers.


The UWP’s leader says, Mr. Skerrit believes that Dominica and the people of this country, are his to have and to hold, and just like the Gaddafis’ in Libya who believed the land, people and oil are all for them, this is the trend Mr. Skerrit is adopting.


He says this kind of attitude is not one the leader of a country should adopt, especially as politicians are the servants of the public and not the other way around.


Mr. James also pointed out that it is an undesirable thing for the Prime Minister, who is the minister of finance to allow public property to deteriorate to such standards, like he said there are termites, electrical problems and frequent water shortages.


Mr. James went on to say that Mr. Skerrit address all problems and as Prime Minister of Dominica he must put himself in the shoes of the poor people to better understand their concerns.

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