Lennox Linton’s Home Searched by Police

Investigative journalist Mr. Lennox Linton

Investigative journalist Mr. Lennox Linton

Investigative journalist Mr. Lennox Linton, is speaking out on the leak of confidential documents between the Integrity in Public Office Commission (IPO), and Prime Minister Honourable Roosevelt Skerrit.

Mr. Linton says this leak was made by Senior Counsel Tony Astaphan and no one else, however Mr. Astaphan is giving the public the impression that it was done by someone else.

He mentioned that police officers searched his home on Wednesday January 16th for the documents which he obtained.

The IPO had requested the assistance of Chief of Police, Daniel Carbon, in investigating how secret and confidential proceedings before the Commission concerning Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit fell into his hands of Mr. Linton.

Mr. Linton stated he gave the officers a document that was in his possession which he felt they had an interest in, while they did a thorough search of all areas of his home and vehicle.

He said upon completion of the search, the officers thanked him for his cooperation before leaving.

The Investigate Journalist pointed out that the IPO Act requires that, the financial affairs of persons in public life are filed with the commission and must be kept confidential as per section 20.

He stated section 21 criminalizes the disclosure of such information by members of the commission or unauthorized persons who are not members of the commission or not employed as service providers of the commission.

However he said Mr. Astaphan was the one who came to the public expressing concern, complained to the police and IPO that members of the IPO were doing things the law says they should not.

The Journalist revealed that Mr. Astaphan knows very well that, he Mr. Astaphan since August of 2011 was indulging in that practice.

We are at another stage he said where we have to ask ourselves, what is going to be done about a senior counsel with 25 years standing at the Bar, who creates a public mischief by seeking to blame others and have them criminally sanctioned for acts he has done.

Mr. Linton says the Prime Minister needs to comment more in-depth on this issue as he is at the center of it all, who only said that his rights have been violated and people are leaking his confidential information.

Now that the Prime Minister knows it was Mr. Astaphan who leaked his information with the evidence to back it up, there should be no more silence from him on the issue.

Mr. Linton revealed that Mr. Astaphan is currently out of state, and the police needs him back into this jurisdiction as he is the one who started the complaint.

He therefore needs to be questioned so the investigation can come to a close.

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