Lent Has Begun


Parish Priest of St. Ann and St. Paul, Father Franklyn Cuffy

“Lent has begun”.

It is the repentant season of approximately 40 days set aside by the Roman Catholic Church in order for the faithful to prepare for the celebration of the Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection.

Parish Priest of St. Ann and St. Paul Father Franklyn Cuffy, says during this holy season, the Catechumens prepare for Christian initiation, and current Church members prepare for Easter by a recalling of Baptism and by works of penance, that is, prayer, fasting and almsgiving.

Even in the early Church, Lent was the season for prayerful and penitential preparation for the feast of Easter.

He says even though the obligation of penance was originally only imposed on those who had committed public sins and crimes, by medieval times, all the faithful voluntarily performed acts of penance to repair for their sins.

Father Cuffy says the holy season of Great Lent is not just like any other season of the year and it ought not to be treated as such. It is a unique period. Thus, the Lenten Season offers Christians an opportunity and a challenge at one and the same time. The spirit of Great Lent is to “fast not unto men, but unto God, our Father.


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