Lessons could be learnt from copyright infringement – Daryl Bobb

Local musician and Chief Executive Officer of publishing company, Seventh Silver Star Inc, Mr Daryl Bobb has said that there are several lessons that can be learnt from a recent copyright infringement lawsuit victory, here in Dominica.

A press release issued this week stated that telecommunications provider Digicel, events promoter Peter Prosper and Paz Travel had agreed to settle a court matter with Bobb by compensating him with an undisclosed sum, for infringing copyright of his song ‘Noel Oh’, which was used in an advertisement in 2006.



“We had approached the parties involved and asked for some kind of arrangement because the infringement was done so that it was not taken straight to court and we were completely ignored, so we had to file a claim. Coming from that, just a few months ago the parties involved decided to go through a mediation dealing with the matter out of court. We had a mediation on July 12th and it was very successful. All three parties were present and we negotiated very hard. It was very interesting, it was a learning process for me and coming out of it victorious is even a greater feeling,” Bobb said.


Mr Bobb also condemns statements by critics claiming that he had no right to file a lawsuit, as he is not the rightful owner of the song.


Mr Bobb called on those who make such accusations to get their facts straight before making such claims, and made it categorically clear that he is the owner of the song in question.


“We have decided on an amount that we agreed would not be disclosed to the media and there is a date by which it will be paid. That document coming out of the mediation will be lodged at the Registry and will be made a public document. So all the parties involved in the mediation and the agreement will be lodged in the Registry that the public can see,” Bobb explained.


Earlier this week, one of the parties responded to Mr Bobb’s press released asking for the absence of their name in the release.

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