LIAT to introduce a new cargo service as of October 5th 2010



One of the Caribbean’s leading airlines, LIAT (1974) Ltd held a press conference on September 6th 2010 at the Fort Young Hotel in observance of the company’s new cargo service that is geared at benefitting all of LIAT’s customers. This cargo service is scheduled to commence as of October 5th 2010. LIAT’s Director of Ground Operation and Cargo Quick Pack, Mr. Whilber Edwards said that LIAT has recognized that it is the most suitable company to implement an Intra-Caribbean freighter operation.


He said, “the governments of the Caribbean are aggressively promoting to improve trade in the islands of the sub region. In order for this to be achieved there will be a need to increase cargo so that exporters can improve their market both regionally and internationally.”


He said that as of October 5th 2010, LIAT will be converting a –A100 aircraft into a fully operational cargo aircraft.


“We will be starting our cargo schedule freighter operations service on October 5th 2010 and we will be operating a service into Dominica on that day. In addition, on September 29th 2010, we will be conducting flights to Barbados where we intend to stop in Dominica so exporters can make more of that flight,” said Mr Edwards.


Mr Edwards said that he is well aware of the complications that LIAT’s customers are faced with and assured the customers that the ongoing problem as it relates to baggage will come to a halt.


“We have hosted flights to Antigua on many occasions and when the pilots arrive in Dominica’s air space, they can not land due to weather conditions and sunset limitation. However, all these problems will go away with the introduction of night landing. As a result, a lot of problems experienced by passengers will disappear,” said the director.


He said that the –A100 aircraft has a capacity of eighty thousand (8000) pounds as a result it  will be able to take care of most of it’s customers’ needs as the plane will be able to hold both goods and baggage. The LIAT official also mentioned that this cargo service will operate three times a week however as operations intensifies, the hours will extend.

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