Liat’s New Aircraft Makes Inaugural Flight to Dominica


Liat’s New Aircraft Makes Inaugural Flight to Dominica

“LIAT has spent US one hundred million dollars for the fleet of 12 new ATR 72-600 aircrafts, in order to provide a very essential service to the Caribbean which is a remarkable venture.”

“We will help make Dominica one of the major tourism destinations of the Caribbean, “added Mr. Jean Holder Chairman of LIAT noted.

Chief Executive Officer of the Dominica Air and Sea Port Authority, Mr. Benoit Bardouille stated, he welcomes this new air plane, as they work to increase Dominica’s tourism figure to 90,000 visitors by 2015, and this new LIAT fleet of air crafts will attract more tourists to Dominica.

Mr. Bardouille noted, he hope more people will provide the support LIAT needs, while praising the Government for the night landing capability, which aids in the after sunset flights, when previously passengers were stranded.

Chief Executive Officer of LIAT, Mr. Ian Brunton explained, with the help of all stakeholders LIAT will soar to higher heights, and added these new aircrafts are very economical which will be beneficial to the company in the long run.

“We need the internal customers to build not bash the airline, so all stakeholders will soar along with the airline, as we continue to give the product and performance you the customers deserve, “Mr. Brunton noted.


Dr. Holder, Chairman of LIAT

I am certain as the airline thrives, Dominica and all other stake holders will thrive so let’s all work together in supporting LIAT – the Cairbbean’s airline, he went on to say.

Some of the features of these aircrafts are thinner yet still comfortable leather seats, improved leg room for passengers, more spacious overhead storage bins, window shutters to block out the sunlight, and room for 68 passengers.







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