Librarian Says There is a Lack of Reading among Dominican Public


Chief Librarian of the Roseau Public Library, Mrs. Davina Jones

It is important to read so that you do not isolate yourself in an ever-changing environment, but get to know what the current trends are while keeping in touch with technology and other advances in the fast paced world.

Remember that in a world where information has become abundant, there will be relevant and irrelevant information with regard to your particular situation.

We should read more about aspects that allow us to exert influence, and less about things we cannot control.

Reading has become the predominant communication method, and through reading a business person is able to stay informed and communicate more effectively with the outside world.

Big companies, corporations, NGOs and even the Government now find it imperative to produce newsletters, in order to reach out to an otherwise unreachable public, keep abreast of each other’s activities and influence the market.

However Chief Librarian of the Roseau Public Library, Mrs. Davina Jones is of the view that Dominicans need to read more than what is currently done.

She says many people have strayed away from reading which is a negative trend and needs to be reversed.

Some of the contributing factors to this negative turn she says are, the influence of television, video games, computers and other factors which people spend most of their time involved in rather than reading.

Mrs. Jones indicated that, there is such a small group of regular clients taking advantage of the books at the Roseau Public Library, that they know them very well.

With that she says while it is good for those who visit the Library for reading material, it is bad on a wider scale as it indicates that many Dominicans simply do not read, or read as much as they need to.

The Librarian pointed out that, the students in particular and the wider public should certainly read more as when we read it improves our knowledge, makes us better speakers and enables us to speak on issues in a more informed state.

She pointed out that there were times before when the regular readers would visit the Library knowing exactly what they want, and could discuss their favourite books and authors.

However this has declined and now people hardly ever know what they want even with assistance from the Librarians present.

She says the small groups of students who visit the Library are 4th and 5th formers; especially during times of assignments and school based assessments know as SBA’s.

The Librarian is reminding Dominicans that, reading feeds the brain and a brain cannot work on an empty stomach so we all need to read more.


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