Lime CITP Media Update

right to left, Police Superintendent Ms. Yvonne Alexander, Carib Representative Mr. Geoff Astaphan and Lime General Manager Mr. Jeffery Baptiste and

A press conference was held on October 12th, 2012 in regards to LIME Creole in the park (CITP). Information was given on security, maintaining law and order throughout the event, traffic arrangements, and everything else that pertains to the event.

Police Superintendent Ms. Yvonne Alexander stated that major events such as Creole In The Park create a certain level of challenges in terms of “law enforcement”.

Ms. Alexander says the Botanic Gardens is one of these challenges in terms of traffic management and control.

To ensure that everything goes swiftly for CITP 2012, the Morne Prosper Bus Stop will be relocated and there will be “no entry signs” on Valley Road which is the road that leads to Bath Estate as well as Bath Road.

Carib Representative Mr. Geoff Astaphan apologized for Kerwin Dubois’ absence for this year’s CITP. However, he informed us that another artist will be representing Carib who goes by the name of “BENJ”.

Mr. Astaphan assures us that this Artist will put on an unforgettable performance.

Lime General Manager Mr. Jeffery Baptiste is asking the public to pay attention to the rules and laws outlined.


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